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The '''American Labor Party''' ('''ALP''') was a political party in the United States established in 1936 which was active almost exclusively in the state of New York (state)|New York. The organization was founded by labor leaders and former members of the Socialist Party of America who had established themselves as the Social Democratic Federation (U.S.)|Social Democratic Federation (SDF). The party was intended to parallel the role of the Labour Party (UK)|British Labour Party, serving as an umbrella organization to unite New York social democrats of the SDF with trade unionists who would otherwise support candidates of the Republican Party (U.S.)|Republican and Democratic Party (U.S.)|Democratic parties.
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Party nameAmerican Labor Party
Party logoFile:AmericanLaborParty-logo.jpg|200px
Foundation{{start date|1934}}
Dissolution{{end date|1956}}
SplitSocialist Party of America|Socialist Party
HeadquartersNew York City, New York|NY, United States|U.S.
IdeologySocialism (Socialism in the United States|American)
Democratic socialism
Social democracy
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